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Verkhovets Law’s Mississauga dog bite lawyers understand how terrible it is to be attacked by a ferocious dog. You’re walking your labradoodle on a leash one minute, and the next you’re fending off a horrendous dog bite attack, leaving both you and your dog with critical injuries. Apologies or denials of blame are irrelevant. In Ontario, the law is clear: the owner must automatically compensate your damages and/or your dog’s veterinary fees.

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) renders the owner completely accountable for damages caused by dog bites to humans or domestic animals, according to our Mississauga dog attack lawyers. You are not required to prove anything against the owner. However, Mississauga dog bite lawyers understand that these situations can be difficult, and issues do occur. Any negligence on your part, for example, could have an impact on your damages.

Why work with our Mississauga dog attack lawyers?

Verkhovets Law, Mississauga dog bite lawyers, have seen it happen: some pet owners refuse to pay for dog attack damages because they are unaware of their legal obligations. In the aftermath of an attack, they would claim that they had no idea the dog would ever act that way, and that they did nothing careless to trigger it to snap – thus it’s not their fault. However, under DOLA, dog owners are liable for their pets’ conduct at all times; hence, if the dog bites you or your pet, the owner is liable.

Surely, an owner would understand the law and pay the damages without question… wouldn’t they? According to Mississauga dog bite lawyers, however, not all of them will. Some owners are hesitant to pay damages because they are unaware of their strict liability under the DOLA. To avoid complex debates and payment denials, it’s critical to have Mississauga dog attack lawyers on your side when negotiating a reasonable compensation.

Dog bite occurrences and lawsuits are on the rise. Verkhovets Law’s Mississauga dog bite lawyers have handled challenges that emerge in these personal injury situations such as:

  • Identifying who is deemed the “owner” under DOLA: the person who had care and control (was harboring) the dog at the time. So, if a friend is walking the dog and it bites a child, they are considered the “owner” and liable – not the actual owner who wasn’t even there. This included professional dog walkers, if the dog is in their care.
  • If the owner claims that you were partly to blame due to your negligence, our Mississauga dog attack lawuers can help. That is, if you provoke the dog, your payout may be lowered. In the previous paragraph’s example of the child, if the child got too close to the dog or scared it, some of the compensation might be offset to the percentage they were judged to have caused the bite.
  • Our Mississauga dog bite lawyers have untangled intricate dog bite cases involving determining culpability under the Occupiers Liability Act. According to Section 3(1), a property owner has a duty to maintain the safety of a premise and may be held liable for a dog attack.
  • Our Mississauga dog bite lawyers will clarify that if you were committing a crime on the owner’s property (such as robbery, assault, burglary), the owner is not liable for your injuries.

If a random or strange dog bites or even a dog you know well bites you, the owner is responsible. Call or email Verkhovets Law inMississauga, and we’ll make sure they accept responsibility for your injuries in the form of compensation.

Mississauga dog bite lawyers describe the types of damages that can result from attack

Verkhovets Law’s Mississauga dog bite lawyers understand that when it comes to dog bites, even the smallest teacup poodle can attack you and/or your pet and cause a variety of damage. It is possible; Canada has 7.7 million domestic canines, and dog bites are serious business. Injuries can range from severe facial disfigurements requiring plastic surgery to fractured bones, open wounds, and even a scratch that becomes badly infected.

In its list of what to do after a dog bite, the City of Mississauga encourages you to seek emergency medical assistance if your skin is broken – dogs have over 600 different types of bacteria in their mouth.

Here are some more dog bite statistics:

  • In Ontario, an estimated 5,000 dog bites occur each year.
  • In Canada, one to two deadly dog attacks occur each year.
  • Mississauga dog bite lawyers understand that children are more frequently hurt by dog bites than adults.
  • According to statistics, the number of dog bites in Ontario is increasing.
  • The most dog attacks are caused by German Shepherds, followed by Labrador Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers.

Three to twenty per cent of dog bite wounds become infected.


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Our Mississauga dog bite lawyer will determine your monetary losses

Verkhovets Law’s Mississauga dog bite lawyers will tell you that calculating damages in these types of cases may be difficult – and is done on a case-by-case basis. All dog attacks are different; the compensation is based on the severity of the damage and the costs connected with healing. Our Mississauga dog bite lawyers will urge you to retain records of your treatments and their advancement, as well as photos of the injuries.

Mississauga dog attack lawyers determine compensation for:

  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Housekeeper
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Prescriptions
  • Plastic surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychological treatment

Mississauga dog atack lawyers will advise you if you have a case for punitive damages, which are awarded in circumstances where the owner knew or should have known the dog was dangerous, aggressive by nature, or gave the dog the order to attack you.