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Markham dog bite lawyers at Verkhovets Law have the experience, the expertise and the compassion for their clients who have been injured by a dog belonging to irresponsible dog owner. You’re out walking with your labradoodle on a leash when you and your dog are attacked by a nasty dog. Apologies or blame denials don’t matter. In Ontario, the owner is accountable for your damages and/or veterinarian fees–and more.

The Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) holds the owner accountable for any damages caused by a dog attacking a person or another domestic animal, say Markham dog attack lawyers. You’re not required to prove your allegations. Markham dog bite lawyers know these cases can be difficult and complicated. However, if you are are found to have played a part in the dog attack (for example, you hit the dog, threw something at the dog to hurt it, scarred it intentionally,) this can affect the amount of damages you will receive.

Why should you work with our Markham dog bite lawyers?

The Markham dog bite lawyers at Verkhovets Law have seen it happen more than once: pet owners who are uninformed of the legal obligations that come with having a dog refuse to pay for the injury caused by their dogs’ assaults. In the aftermath of an assault, they would insist that the dog’s aggression was not their responsibility because they had no prior knowledge that it would ever behave in such a manner and had not done anything to provoke it. In addition, they would insist that they had no idea the dog was capable of such behavior. The Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA) states, however, that dog owners are 100 per cent liable for injuries caused by their pets, including dog bites.

If a property owner knew the law, they’d pay for the damages, right? Some won’t, say Markham dog bite lawyers. Some owners are unwilling to pay compensation because they don’t know their DOLA liability. Markham dog attack lawyers must be on your side to avoid disagreements and payment refusals when negotiating a settlement.

Dog bites and related lawsuits are rising. Verkhovets Law’s Markham dog bite lawyers have experience with personal injury cases:

  • Under DOLA, the “owner” is the person who “harbored” the dog at the time. If a child is bitten by a friend’s dog while it’s being walked, the friend is held responsible as the dog’s “owner,” not the actual owner, who wasn’t present.
  • If the dog’s owner claims your negligence caused the assault, our Markham dog attack lawyers can help. If you anger the dog, your compensation may be lower. If the child in the previous paragraph got too close to the dog or scared it, a portion of the compensation may be decreased by the percentage that the child caused the bite (called “fault”).
  • Our Markham dog attack lawyers have successfully handled instances involving the Occupiers Liability Act. Under Section 3(1), a property owner must maintain the safety of their premises and may be liable for dog-related injuries if they fail to do so.
  • If you were committing a crime on the dog’s property when you were attacked, the owner is not liable for your injuries.

If you are bitten by a dog, the dog’s owner is responsible. Simply phone or email Verkhovets Law’s Markham dog bite lawyers office, and we’ll make sure they accept responsibility for repaying you.

Lawyers in Markham that specialize in dog bite lawsuits describe the various types of injuries that can result from an attack

Even the tiniest teacup poodle is capable of attacking you and/or your pet and producing a wide range of injuries when it comes to dog bites. The Markham dog bite lawyers at Verkhovets Law are well aware of this. Canada has 7.7 million dogs, and dog assaults on people are increasing. Injuries can range from severe facial disfigurement to fractured bones, open wounds, and even a scratch that may become severely infected. Severe facial disfigurements may necessitate plastic surgery.

The City of Markham has a list of things to do after getting bitten by a dog, and one of them is to seek emergency medical assistance if the dog’s bite punctured your skin. There are about 600 types of bacteria that live in a dog’s mouth;  a dog bite may become severely infected. 

Here are some more facts about dog bites:

  • Every year, approximately 5,000 dog bites are reported in the province of Ontario.
  • Every year, between one and two deadly dog attacks occur in Canada.
  • Lawyers in Markham that specialize in dog bite cases understand that children are more prone than adults to experience injuries as a result of dog bites.
  • According to statistics, there has been an increase in the number of dog bites in this province.
  • The most dog attacks are caused by German Shepherds, followed by Labrador Retrievers and Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Infection can occur in three to twenty per cent of dog bite wounds.

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A dog bite lawyer from our Markham office will calculate your compensation

Verkhovets Law’s Markham dog attack lawyers will tell you that determining damages in these types of cases can be difficult and must be done on a case-by-case basis. This is due to the fact that each dog bite or animal attack is unique. There are various forms of dog attacks; the amount of compensation is determined by the intensity of the harm inflicted and the costs of treatment or rehabilitation. Our dog bite lawyers in Markham will strongly advise you to photograph the injuries and make a record of the treatments you have had, as well as their progression.

Dog attack lawyers in Markham assess compensation for:

  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional trauma
  • Housekeeper
  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Prescriptions
  • Plastic surgery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost income
  • Disability

Punitive damages may be given in your case if the owner knew, or should have known, the dog was dangerous, aggressive by nature, or gave the dog the command to attack you. The attorneys who defend dog bite victims in Markham will advise you on whether you have a case for punitive damages.