What Our Clients Say

Evgeniya Dordzhieva

I had an exceptional experience with Verkhovets Law firm. I was very satisfied with the way they handled my claim. Maria and Diana are highly professional and very knowledgeable lawyers. They truly care about their clients.

My special thank you for Kim. She was amazing and always responded to my questions thoroughly and was able to secure a really good settlement offer.

I give them 5 stars and will recommend Verkhovets Law to my friends and family!

Tina Singh

Verkhovets Law is an exceptional personal injury law firm. I was very satisfied with the way they handled my claims. Mariya and Diana are down to earth professionals. I always new what the next step was and I was always prepared for it.

Verkhovets Law is a busy firm with numerous clients but I always appreciated the level of care, detail and professionalism that made me feel like I was always a priority client. Good luck to the team at Verkhovets Law.

Ilya Batov

Verkhovets Law firm supported us with slip and fall accident at work place. It was a very responsive and professional service. From answering our questions on initial free of charge consultation to reaching settlement and recovering compensation, everything was flawless. Mariya was friendly and knowledgable. She did care about our case and we felt that our case is with professional we can count on.

I’d highly recommend Verkhovets Law! You won’t be disappointed.

Wes Seelal

Four years ago, I was involved in a near fatal motor vehicle accident. I suffered severe physical injuries. I struggled mentally and financially. My personal and family life were shattered. My insurance company refused to acknowledge or fund treatment for my catastrophic injuries, until my claim was transferred to Verkhovets Law. Dianna Verkhovets and Mariya Verkhovets are both professional, experienced, expert lawyers who command the personal injury law field. But what really sets them apart is compassion. They fought for me when I was unable to fight for myself.

Diana relentlessly argued with the insurance company ensuring that I was able to get treatment for my physical injuries and equipment assistance to help me walk. She demanded that the insurance company recognize my need for extended psychotherapy sessions to treat my anxiety and severe depression. She constantly followed up with my doctors and clinics to check on my recovery. In the end, Diana was able to settle my accident benefits claim beyond the $65K limit.

While my injuries are long term and ongoing, and I know my life will never be the same, Mariya was able to secure additional treatment and compensation since I will be unable to work for sometime. She made sure that the at fault party was found and that my claim settled without delay and further hardship to me.

I will recommend Verkhovets Law to anyone who is injured and in need of treatment or income. When I was unable to fight for myself, Verkhovets Law listened, they understood and they fought for me.

Lazarus Kalimenis

The Verkhovets law firm is hands down the best legal experience I have had thus far to date. After dealing with different legal teams regarding a personally injury claim, with consistent delays, setbacks, lack of communication and accountability, my switch to Verkhovets law was a welcome change.

What makes a personal injury claim so difficult is that the experience is happening to you. When you’re anxious and don’t know you’re rights, being the David against the Goliath of insurance companies – how can you feel like you’ll succeed? It’s difficult to keep your position in mind when you’re constantly being doubted, questioned, and your credibility attacked.

Since taking the Verkhovets firm on, there was a clear line of communication that helped iron out the process, even while encountering further delays. We were professionally and emotionally supported. Hard to say that about many lawyers. The firms’ handling of my case helped us see a handsome settlement that was both inline with what was expected and deserving regarding my claim.

Words cannot express the feeling of joy and sense of healing this settlement brought my family. And I can assure this would not be possible with another legal team.

I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for professional, personable and well informed legal counsel for your personal injury claim.

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