Car Accident Lawyers, Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga automobile accident lawyers are a dime a dozen … practically. When you have been injured in a vehicle accident, several personal injury law firms compete for your business. Some personal injury law firms are “volume shops” that handle so many car accident cases that you may begin to feel like a file folder or a number. You sure don’t feel like a client. 

At Verkhovets Law, Mississauga car accident lawyers, we provide personalized service to our clients. We have empathy for what you’re going through. We understand your anguish, financial insecurity, and anxiety over a protracted auto insurance claim. You may ask yourself, “When will I return to normal?” or “Will I ever return to normal?”

At the Mississauga car accident law firm, Verkhovets Law, our clients benefit from our zealous advocacy to help you regain control of your life. Call or contact us as soon as possible after your car accident.


Why you need Mississauga car accident lawyers

Here’s a little secret that our Mississauga car accident lawyers can share:  most personal injury clients are shocked to realize why they need auto accident lawyers: to fight their own insurance company for the accident benefits they believed they were paying for through their auto insurance policy. They dutifully paid their monthly payments. And when they needed their insurance company to honour the terms of the insurance policy, they were disappointed. 

And, that’s not all. Frequently, insurance companies refuse therapy that is critical for your recovery.

At Verkhovets Law, our car accident lawyers understand how the Ontario insurance system has failed personal injury victims. In 1989, Ontario established “no fault” auto insurance in an effort to reduce the number of overall cara accident claims.


Ontario’s “no fault” insurance system creates legal battles with car accident victims

While a result, rather than suing the insurance company of the other motorist who collideded with your vehicle, plaintiffs now battle with their own insurance companies for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical assistive devices, personal support workers, and so on, as they attempt to recover and resume their shattered lives.




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Have you been injured recently?
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How to many insurance companies behave when facing a car accident claim?

Because insurance firms begin from a position of nearly default: “Prove to us that you are injured.” Or, “Prove to us that you are not exaggerating your ailments.” Our Mississagua vehicle accident lawyers regularly encounter this line of reasoning when dealing with insurance companies on behalf of auto accident victim clients.

More than one Ontario car accident lawyer at at our personal injury law office considers this a disgrace! Imagine: you have been involved in a car crash, are badly hurt, unable to work, earn a living, pay your bills–and your insurance company wants you to prove that you’re hurt. A travesty! 

Therefore, you need Mississauga automobile accident lawyers not only to sue the motorist who caused the accident, but also to battle your own insurance company, because you have a contract with your insurance company that holds them liable for certain charges. You purchased an auto insurance policy, paid your monthly premiums, and now you need to access those benefits to recuperate from your car accident and get back to work. The fact is that an automobile insurance policy is a contract, and if your insurance provider breaches the agreement by refusing to provide compensation through your insurance policy, you can take legal action against them in Canada. It’s called civil litigation–taking your insurance company to court. 

Any Mississauga vehicle accident lawyer will confirm that the Ontario auto insurance system does not function as intended.

Verkhovets Law’s Mississauga car accident lawyers also assist clients in tort claims, which are claims against the negligent party. Since these matters are heard by the Superior Court of Justice, it is imperative that you have an Ontario auto accident lawyer. It would be unwise to appear in Superior Court without a personal injury lawyer. It is dangerous to appear before the Superior Court of Justice as a “Self-Represented Litigant” (SRL) due to the complexity of legal procedures and the irreversible nature of case-damaging mistakes.

Always retain the services of a Mississauga vehicle accident law firm when facing an insurance company that seeks to maximize its profits by refusing your claim.

Our Mississauga vehicle accident law office will immediately begin working on your claim if you call or contact us. You’ll be pleased you made the initial move.

Our auto accident lawyers help you handle a variety of legal problems.

Like snowflakes, no two automobile accidents are identical. Therefore, it is crucial for your case that the Mississauga auto accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law, who have a wealth of expertise negotiating a number of possible injury claims, act on your behalf. It may surprise you to hear that there are many types of motor vehicle collisions involving a wide array of automobiles and injuries. The good news is that our Mississauga car accident legal practice is qualified to address the specifics of your accident.

Our car accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law can help you if you have been involved in one of the following types of collisions:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • T-bone accidents
  • Sideswipes
  • Rollover accidents
  • Single-car accidents [for example, you hit a tree, a light post, a traffic signal post, or a building]


Personal service from your Mississauga auto accident lawyers

Verkhovets Law, motor vehicle accident lawyers in Mississauga, handle complex legal matters on your behalf as you deal with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your recovery caused by a car accident. As your dedicated auto accident lawyers, we will guarantee that the correct processes and procedures are followed to submit your claim in a timely manner. We promise to work relentlessly on your behalf and to fight for the maximum compensation you and your family are entitled to. 

Do not hesitate to call our car accident lawyers in Mississauga

The aftermath of an automobile accident is stressful, and having competent counsel to help you through the challenging process alleviates some of the pain and suffering so that you may concentrate on rehabilitation. Call or email our auto accident lawyers to start your car accident claim today.




Have you been injured recently?

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