Car Accident Lawyers in Newmarket, Ontario

Like the popular saying goes, “Car accident lawyers in Newmarket are a dime a dozen.” Well, nearly! When you are injured in a car accident, a number of personal injury firms compete for your business. Some personal injury firms handle so many automobile accident cases that you may feel like a number or a bar code.

At Verkhovets Law, our Newmarket car accident lawyers give personal service to each and every client. We understand what you are going through. We understand your misery, financial uncertainty, and concern resulting from a lengthy vehicle insurance claim. You may ask yourself:, “When will my life return to normal?” or “Will I ever be normal again?”

At Verkhovets Law, a personal injury law firm in Newmarket that helps people who have been hurt in car accidents, we fight hard for our clients so that they can get their lives back on track. Call or email us right away.

Why you need car accident lawyers in Newmarket

Most customers are astonished to learn that a big part of the reason they seek vehicle accident lawyers is to actually fight with their own insurance company for the benefits they thought they were paying for via their auto insurance policy and their monthly payments. Incidentally, not only do Insurance companies frequently deny your car accident claim, they also deny you the vital therapy you need for your rehabilitation. It becomes a big, vicious circle! 

Our automobile accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law understand how the Ontario insurance system has failed personal injury victims. In an effort to limit the amount of claims made to Ontario’s insurance system, the province implemented “no fault” vehicle insurance in 1989.

Ontario’s good intentions have had the opposite effect

As a result, rather than suing the insurance company of the other motorist who collided with your vehicle, plaintiffs must now fight their own insurance companies for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical devices, personal support workers, and other services as they try to recover from their car accident and reconstruct their lives.

Any Newmarket car accident lawyer will tell you that the Ontario auto insurance system does not work as it should.



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Have you been injured recently?
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Ontario’s insurance companies discount, delay, and deny car accident claims

Because insurance companies start from an almost default position: “Prove to us that you are hurt.” Or, “Prove to us that you are not exaggerating your symptoms,” for example.

Insurance companies routinely discount [offer you a fraction, say 50 per cent, of what your claim is really worth], delay, and deny car accident claims. This attitude from insurance companies is frequently encountered by our Mississagua car accident lawyers.

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, more than one Ontario auto accident lawyer at our personal injury law firm thinks this is shameful behaviour from insurance companies.

As a result, you need Newmarket automobile accident lawyers not only to fight the negligent driver, but also to launch a legal claim against your own insurance company, because you have a contract with them that makes them accountable for certain expenses. You bought vehicle insurance, paid your monthly premiums, and now you need to use those benefits to recuperate.

In reality, an automotive insurance policy is a contract, and if your insurance provider breaks the agreement, you can sue them in Canada. An auto insurance policy is a contract; you can sue your insurance company. It’s called civil litigation. 

The Newmarket automobile accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law also help clients with tort claims, which are claims against the negligent party. Because these cases are decided by the Superior Court of Justice, you must have an Ontario auto accident lawyer on your side.

It would be foolhardy to appear in Superior Court without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests. Due to the complexities of legal procedures and the irrevocable nature of case-damaging mistakes, appearing before the Superior Court of Justice as a “Self-Represented Litigant” (SRL) is risky. When dealing with an insurance company that wants to maximize its profits by denying your claim, always hire a Newmarket car accident lawyer.

If you phone or email our Newmarket automobile accident law firm, we will begin working on your claim right away. Don’t delay;  you’ll be glad you took the first step.

Our car accident lawyers handle a wide range of cases

No two car accidents are same; the cirumstantces and the specific details are all different. As a result, it is critical for your case that the Newmarket auto accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law, who  have extensive experience negotiating a variety of potential damage claims, assist you with your claim.

There are many types of car accidents involving a wide range of vehicles and injuries. The good news is that our Newmarket automobile accident law firm is prepared to handle the your car accident, no matter what the specific details are.

If you have been involved in one of the following types of crashes, our car accident lawyers at Verkhovets Law can help.

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Sideswipes
  • T-bone accidents
  • Single-automobile accidents [for example, if you hit a light post and it then falls on your car, or you collide with a building]
  • Rollover accidents

Personal attention from your Newmarket car accident lawyers

Verkhovets Law, Newmarket car accident lawyers, manage the complex legal processes on your behalf as you cope with the physical, mental, and emotional consequences of your car accident.

As your dedicated auto accident lawyers, we will ensure that the proper steps are taken to file your claim on time and that the process works smoothly. We pledge to work tirelessly on your behalf, to fight for the maximum compensation you and your family deserve and need.

Contact our Newmarket car accident lawyers right now

The aftermath of a car accident is stressful, and having skilled legl counsel to guide you through the difficult process relieves some of the pain and suffering, so that you can focus on rehabilitation. Call or email our car accident lawyers to learn more about your legal options.




Have you been injured recently?

You can also chat to one of our team members or call/text us at:


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