Naman Nanda

Associate Lawyer

office: 905 910-1440 ext.109

fax: 905 367-6228

Naman Nanda is a Toronto personal injury lawyer and a member of the Law Society of Ontario in good standing. Naman is not new to law, nor personal injury law.

In fact, Naman is an experienced personal injury lawyer in both procedural and substantive law, hands-on experience in drafting and filing pleadings and motions, attending examinations for discovery, arguing motions in Superior Court of Justice, advocating on behalf of his clients in mediations and settlement conferences.

Internationally trained Toronto personal injury lawyer

Naman is an internationally-trained, licensed lawyer since 2018 and obtained his first law degree from Punjabi University, in India. He is fluent in English as well as Hindi and Punjabi.

While studying for his equivalency exam in Canada, Naman was both an articling student and a legal assistant for Toronto personal injury law firms where he drafted statements of claim, mediation memoranda for tort claims, written hearing submissions, case conference summaries, motion and other legal documents for accident benefits matters. 

He has represented clients in all types of personal injury cases:  Car Accidents; Bicycle AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents; Slip and Fall Accidents and more. Becoming a Toronto personal injury lawyer is his calling, so he can help people who have been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. 

While working as an articling student, Naman attended examinations for discovery, mediations, and case conferences. He also cross-examined insurance adjusters to establish grounds for special awards.

Toronto personal injury lawyer who’s a skilled negotiator 

Importantly, he also negotiated with opposing lawyers by making offers to settle—and counteroffers. Naman is already a skilled negotiator.

While working as a legal assistant, articling student and then lawyer, Naman corresponded with clients, insurance companies, opposing counsels, and the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT). He obtained, reviewed and summarized medical records, income documents, and OHIP summaries, and provided these documents to insurance companies and opposing counsel, as required.


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