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If you’re having problems with your insurance provider with long-term LTD benefits and a denied claim, the long-term disability lawyers at Verkhovets Law in Newmarket can help. Your insurer denied your claim and you have no idea why. Don’t struggle to read the small print on your LTD policy. Let us handle it while you concentrate on getting your health back.

Our skilled long-term disability lawyers understand that LTD should be your financial safety net, but insurance companies frequently make it difficult if not impossible. They use delays, complicated processes, and requests for yet more medical reports and evaluations to deny you the LTD benefits to which you are entitled.

We understand the frustration of paying for LTD insurance and then not obtaining the benefits you need when the worst happens. At Verkhovets Law, we understand and want to help. We are committed to fighting for your rights and advocating for you.

Why Should you use our Newmarket Long-Term Disability Lawyers?

When it comes to LTD claims, the bottom line of the insurance company is always their main priority. It goes like this:  collect lots of premiums for LTD insurance, then deny most of the LTD claims. This way, the insurance company makes more money for its shareholders.

Hiring an experience long-term disability lawyer in Newmarket from Verkhovets Law can level the playing field and safeguard your rights. Our skilled LTD disability attorneys understand how insurance companies operate and how to create a winning strategy, starting with a compelling case.

At Verkhovets Law, your disability claim is about much more than just money. It is about ensuring that you get the financial help you require to live a dignified and independent life. Our goal is to help you to obtain the LTD benefits you are entitled to, so you can concentrate on your health and recovery.

Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Newmarket Explain the Claims Process

There is a lot of legal jargon and insurance terminology involved when dealing with a long-term disability claim. You’re not the only one who has trouble translating language that is purposefully written to be opaque and hard to understand! 

That is why our Newmarket long-term disability attorneys are here to help you. We’ll help you understand complicated insurance terms and medical jargon in plain English, so you can make informed decisions about your LTD claim.

Our job as your Newmarket long-term disability lawyers is to make the LTD claims process as smooth and worry free as possible for you. And, to build the most compelling claim, so your insurance company approves your LTD benefits.



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Our Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Newmarket Understand
How Insurance Companies Work

Our Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Newmarket Understand How Insurance Companies Work

Many people whose LTD applications have been denied find it supremely frustrating to deal with insurance companies. Why is this so?  Because insurance companies are big bureaucracies that have their own ways of doing things. All those processes. All those forms to fill out. Then, hurry-up-and-wait. 

Our Newmarket LTD lawyers understand how insurance companies work. We know the excuses they rely on, repeatedly, to dismiss an LTD claim. More importantly, we know how to counter them.

Our legal team will work systematically to help you, whether you’re dealing with an insurance who is stalling your claim or refusing your benefits altogether.

Long-Term Disability in Newmarket Lawyers Explain
Which Conditions Are Eligible

Long-Term Disability in Newmarket Lawyers Explain Which Conditions Are Eligible

Review your disability benefits policy. You may have short-term disability benefits as well as long-term benefits. Each policy is different. Your policy may actually be part of a group policy through your employer, or you may have purchased it on your own. Also know that insurance companies do not provide disability benefits for all conditions and disabilities. 

Are only physical conditions and ailments eligible for long-term disability? No, say our Newmarket personal injury lawyers. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, you may quality for LTD benefits from your insurer. In fact, about 30 per cent of LTD claims stem from a mental illness diagnosis. 

The experienced long-term disability lawyers at Verkhovets Law have read hundreds of LTD policies, which are essentially contracts. They can help you understand what LTD benefits you are entitled to receive.

Our Newmarket LTD lawyers will work with you to make your claim truly compelling. We’ll go over your current medical records from your doctor, help gather additional medical reports from medical specialists, and submit a claim that will prove that you’re disabled and cannot work. Our goal is to build a legal case so your insurance company will green-light your LTD claim. 

The words you want to hear are: “Your LTD claim is approved!” 

Once a long-term disability claim has been denied by an insurance company, it gets even more difficult and complicated for you, the victim of a disability. That’s why hiring a Newmarket long-term disability attorney is a wise move on your part.

Our Newmarket disability lawyers understand how terrible it is to be sick or injured; you can’t work, earn a living, and support yourself and your family. Truly, we understand your problem. Plus, the stress of a denied long-term disability claim does not help you get healthy, either. It’s all a big, vicious circle. 

Contact us right now, and we’ll get to work on your long-term disability claim.